; About Kiddush HaChodesh site

About Kiddush HaChodesh site

Our Story

This site was initiated by frustration from trying to understand the Rambam’s Hilchot Kiddush HaChodesh (Laws of the new moon) in the late 90’s.

This feeling was innate part of learning these laws. I was determined to change this.

I invested great amount of time and effort to reach the final product – 3D illustrated commentary on these laws. Experts highly praised my work.

Later on it became clear that there is not enough correlation between what is written in the book and the illustrated commentary. So I decided to develop a completely new application where the text is distinctly linked to illustration.

Since this product is very innovative it was priorly difficult to circulate among people learning this material because lack of publicizing technology.

Recently technological developed made it possible to reach many people with all web devices – Desktop, Mobile and Tablets. We put up a book like 3D site with commentary in Hebrew and English accompanied by video lessons.

So far we have succeeded in putting up only the first few chapters of commentary and a lot of work is still a head of us. More funding is needed to continue our project and with G-d help we will succeed.

If you interested in helping us out contact us through the mentioned possibilities.